Peer assessment tool

One of the major challenges facing today is their scarcity of tough leaders – a problem that is only going to get worse as the area enlarges and baby boom executives retire. Moreover identification of key people, talent and potential within the organization is a very difficult task. The idea behind employing peer assessment tool is to bring flexibilities. This deliver high made to order searches to each of our clients on a project-by-project basis, with the opportunity to call upon further resource and scale for specific projects. To every executive search project ESO bring an incomparable network of business relationships locally and across borders, and their personal commitment to excellence by discovering the talent within native communities to aid people get into work and develop the skills of those already in work. This is the essence of peer assessment tool. This feature benefited both parties by providing people with an opportunity to build confidence in applying for a new job. It has expanded executive search market and gives access to some high profile people.
Assessment is a important study, which determine the work culture and productivity of an organization leaded by high profile executives in relation to its employment accountability, process, team works, coordination of parent support, appraisal and responsibility. This is used to  identify supply gaps, strength and growth opportunities across wide executive search market. 

Peer assessment